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about us

Sitatunga Resources is an exploration and project development mining company based in South Africa, with the intention of converting opportunities into owned and managed operations.

Sitatunga Resources’ largest shareholder, Menar, wishes to build on its existing businesses including Canyon Coal and Zululand Anthracite Colliery, through this growth vehicle called Sitatunga Resources.

Sitatunga Resources is uniquely positioned to take advantage of competencies and experiences as evident in the existing businesses and partner them with a successful investment company. This creates the platform to build a business across commodities and African geographies. 

Sitatunga, a rare, unique and mid-sized African antelope, has been the inspiration for the company's name.



We would like to become a well-respected mid-sized mining company, based in South Africa with operations across commodities and African geographies.  


Our core values will guide us to our vision:

  • Honesty

  • Reliability

  • Integrity

  • Dignity

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